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        Photocredit goes to Hiraethdiaries

        Photocredit goes to Hiraethdiaries



My name is Nicole Karpus, lover of plants, fossils, animals, art, travel stories, words, nature, connections, and stories of people and their inspiring courage. I created Symbiotic Roots with a little bit of all of this in mind.

Defining Symbiotic

Symbiotic systems are my favorite kind of relationships to observe in nature. 

 These relationships, for example, exist deep underground where fungi spread amongst the tree roots and connect each individual tree together. Trees are able to send and share information and their nutrients to their neighbors through this fungal network, and in turn fungi receive a steady supply of sugars.                               

These relationships are also found beneath the sea between shrimp and the goby fish. Shrimp are known to dig a home in the sand and will openly share it with the goby fish. If a predator swims near, the goby fish will touch their nearly blind companion and alert them to the danger as well. Shrimp provide the shelter and the goby fish the alarm.                          

Or, hey, you can see it between me and every dog I have ever owned. Every dog has made (and continues to make- thanks Riley!) me ridiculously happy and understood, and I in turn offer a warm bed, food, and an endless supply of sticks to throw.                                               

Cooperation. Together. Hand in hand.

Symbiotic relationships are ones where all involved benefit in some way.  


A Symbiotic Design 

Symbiotic Roots is a collection of products I have hand-crafted and a collection of weekly updated blog posts.

I sell tea blends, body care, and art that give back. 50% of all proceeds will go to the fundraisers I am supporting. You can read more about the fundraisers below (currently there is only one; as this site grows, so will the fundraiser list). 

Blog posts are centered on the following topics: Symbiotic living, symbiotic people, and symbiotic travel. Symbiotic living posts will be about everyday lifestyle habits that benefit the Earth and all inhabitants. Posts about symbiotic people will be stories of the individuals out there living for something more then themselves. Lastly, symbiotic travels will cover places and organizations you can visit that give back to the community you are visiting. 

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