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The Fall Equinox is a celebration of the changing seasons, a day of nearly equal light and night. It is a meaningful time to honor the harvest and reflect on all that you've gained throughout the year while considering what things no longer serve you.

The Autumn Harvest 5k/3.5K will take place on this special day with the goal of raising money for three nonprofit organizations that share their abundance every single day. Join us in celebrating the Fall Equinox and in celebrating these caring organizations by participating in the 5K run and 3.5K walk through the beautiful Hidden Lake Forest Preserve. After the run, we will enjoy some breakfast as well as a restorative yoga and sound healing class right in front of one of the lakes

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The overarching goal of The Autumn Harvest 5K/3.5K is to fundraise for three caring nonprofit organizations: Sambhali Trust, The Orangutan Information Center (OIC), and Sustain DuPage. 



Sambhali Trust is a nonprofit, grassroots organization located in Rajasthan, India. This organization supports over 450 disempowered women and children by providing them with free education, free medical support, free emotional support, and free vocational training that will allow them to establish an independent life free from hurt and violence. 



Sustain DuPage is a local nonprofit that is organizing for sustainability in DuPage County. Sustain DuPage has five major projects designed to make DuPage a more sustainable place to live: an artist group, a policy group, a communal garden, an ecological restoration group, and a book club. Sustain DuPage is working to transform the culture of DuPage toward a sustainability culture that values a healthy local economy, an equitable society, and a thriving ecosystem.



OIC is a nonprofit located in Sumatra that aims to protect and restore The Leuser Rainforest. Over half of Sumatra’s rainforests have been cleared in the past 20 years due to the greed of unsustaniable palm oil companies. This has caused detrimental impacts to our entire planet and to the wildlife that depend on this important ecosystem. These impacts are what OIC seeks to restore and confront on a daily basis. OIC continues to reforest and rebuild degraded lands through permaculture practices, rescue orangutans, and educate their communities on crafting sustainable futures. 

You can read more about these organizations by visiting their respective websites:

Sustain Dupage, Sambhali Trust, OIC

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The Autumn Harvest 5K/3.5K features three parts: the race, the after-race breakfast, and the ending yoga and sound healing class. Because this race welcomes both runners, walkers, and all speeds in-between, participants will be broken into different wave start times. This is so that everyone can enjoy breakfast relatively at the same time. In addition, there will be two different routes: one for runners and one for walkers, This will allow ample space for everyone on the path. Each mile will be marked on the course. The race will be timed for runners.

All participants will complete their run/walk first and will be rewarded with breakfast, coffee, and tea at the finish line. We will be serving vegan-friendly pancakes, fruit, and coffee and tea from Peet's Coffee. All beverages and food will be served on and in compostable materials and we encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle as well. The yoga and sound healing ceremony will be held after breakfast and is the final part of the day. More information directly pertaining to the class can be found in the next section.

There will be one hydration station on the race route and one at the finish line. The entire day will be photographed. The site also has restrooms and onsite parking. However, please consider carpooling so that we can accurately accommodate everyone's car within the two available parking lots. 

The goodie bag

All registered race participants will be receiving a race t-shirt and an eco-friendly swag bag that resonates with the nonprofits this day is supporting!!

Race t-shirts are being donated by the incredibly kind Quality Logo Products!  Check out the proof below for a sneak preview: 

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We are SUPER excited and grateful to be pairing up with some incredible companies that will be represented in the swag bag as well: GoodLight Natural Candles, Patcha Soap, and Mad Hippie have all graciously donated some of their own swag for the Autumn Harvest 5K/3.5K swag bag. We can't wait to share their products with you-- candles, soaps, and face care oooooh yeah!

Race Prizes

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For the lucky top finishers of the 5K race, we are teaming up with some awesome companies to reward you for your feat. The top three overall finishers of the race will receive a $20.00 off certificate for the Naperville Running Company, a store in Downtown Naperville and Wheaton that is dedicated to providing their customers with running shoes fit and sound for their feet. Thanks Naperville Running Company for the kind donation!!

The top three male finishers and the top three female finishers will all be awarded special prizes as well. The top three female finishers will be gifted a product graciously donated from Mad Hippie, an ethical and conscious face care company with a line of products that hydrates and nourishes your face without using any ingredients harmful to your health OR harmful to our planet. The top three male finishers will be receiving a product from Patcha Soap, a company that produces all-natural, environmentally safe and artfully crafted bath and soap products. 

Event schedule

9:00-9:30AM: same day registration period for 3.5K participants- get your bib and swag bag

9:30AM-10:00AM: same day registration period for 5k participants- get your bib and swag bag

9:45AM: 3.5k start time

10:15AM: 5k start time

10:40-11:20AM: breakfast time and entertainment (more information coming soon)!

11:30AM: Yoga and sound healing class

Race routes

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Meet the instructor!

We are so excited to have Lisa Devi lead our yoga and sound healing class! Lisa has completed her 500-Hour advanced yoga teacher training and is currently training to complete her 1000-hour yoga teacher training. 

Lisa has found through her own powerful healing journey that sharing the knowledge of the mind/body/spirit relationship with her students helps them access their ever-expanding potential for wellbeing- something she considers as the most empowering gift you can give someone.  And so, Lisa uses yoga, qigong, sound healing, and kirtan to help her students discover the healer within.

Lisa leads a variety of different workshops and classes and is actively doing what she can to spread her passion to others! You can find more information on her classes and workshops at her personal website.  


About the class

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The Autumn Harvest 5K/3.5K is not only a fundraiser event but also the chance to celebrate the Fall Equinox- which means celebrating you, too! And so, all participants are welcome to join in on Lisa's yoga and sound ceremony to both stretch sore muscles from the race and to reflect inward on this meaningful day. Lisa will first guide participants through a series of stretches during the yoga portion of the class. This class is meant for all levels, whether you are new to yoga or someone who practices it every morning. Lisa will then guide participants through the sound healing portion of the class where she will use a variety of musical instruments to guide in meditation.

The class will take place in front of one of the lakes right upon the grass and is pictured to the right. Towels/mats will not be provided: so, if you are not comfortable with standing and sitting on the grass, we suggest you bring a mat or towel with you for the class. Lisa will have a headset so that all participants can easily hear her.  

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Please fill out the registration form to secure your spot in the race!

To ensure everyone has a good time, we are only allowing a maximum of 125 partipants. So, please consider signing up today to save your spot! The day will go on rain or shine. Please note that we may have to adjust the times to accommodate for any inclement weather. Sorry, but your purchase is nonrefundable.

Please click on one of the following buttons to be redirected to the checkout and registration form where you will enter your information and your t-shirt size. The button of the left is for the 5k run and the button on the right is for the 3.5K walk. Please fill out the form entirely. We will be emailing you shortly with your bib number and confirmation once you submit your information and payment! We currently only accept paypal payments but will soon accept all credit cards as well.

We really appreciate your support and for helping support these causes! It's going to be a great day!

You're also welcome to register at eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/autumn-harvest-5k35k-tickets-48573487609

The Autumn Harvest Run

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The Autumn Harvest Walk

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The success of The Autumn Harvest 5K/3.5K largely depends on our sponsorships: the more support we can get in covering costs, the more we can give back to the organizations we seek to fundraise for. There are many different ways to show support- from monetary donations to donating goods- and any contributions would be greatly appreciated. As your support would mean the world to us, we would loudly give and share our heartfelt thanks by recognizing your patronage in a variety of ways- including advertising on our flyers, social media, website, and on our event t-shirts.

Please click on the below link to learn more on how you can get involved and join our growing sponsor list!

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